Already for many years we have co-operated with the most famous yards in China, where our yachts are built. 

The most well known, for their quality and consistency, is ‘Hansheng’ with their line of sailing and power yachts. Many 100’s have been launched and are out over the world seas for safe and comfortable trips. In our yards we can build from 35’ up to 175’ in multiple projects. FRP, steel, Aluminium and complex composites have no secrets for us.

We co-operate with well known designers like Stefano Carugno from Gloss design, Bill Prince from the US, Ivan Erdevicki, Bo Zolland from Sweden, Paul Bury from Australia and more, just to name a few. Their designs are sophisticated, sleek and timeless. Working with them on each individual project is like inventing new lines never seen before. Let them design your new yacht and you can assure yourself of turning heads in every marina you enter.

  • Adventure 65

    Adventure 65

    Spectacular open yacht with room for 6 + 2

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  • CMC 155' Submarine Support Yacht

    CMC 155' Submarine Support Yacht

    CMC Yachts together with the reknown Australian designer and N/A Paul Bury and close co-op with Triton Submarines from the US developed this stunning go-everywhere superyacht. Build fully from aluminium she's very economical in maintenance and running costs.

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  • Expedition NP55

    Expedition NP55

    55 meter expedition yacht designed by Gian Paolo Nari

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  • Runabout 12 M

    Runabout 12 M

    A complete culmination of the nautical lifestyle, the 12 meter. We're looking for soon opportunities to build this one. Who dare to join?

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  • Sabdes 30m Explorer vessel

    Sabdes 30m Explorer vessel

    The SABDES 30m (98') Explorer Yacht design is a luxuriously rugged and serious world explorer Motoryacht

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  • TETHYS 30

    TETHYS 30

    Never seen before design based on Super Car idea by Jiwon Sung from Korea

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