Solar powered yacht

Posted on Friday, 04 January 2013 in News

Last November 2012 we were out with the new 15 x 6 meter yacht fully driven by electric energy gained from the solar panels on the roof. 

The boat can cruise 24/7 on a sunny day with 6 knots. In the evening it use power from the batteries which are charged during daytime. It is powered by 2 x 7.5 Kw electric engines giving her a maximum speed of 9 knots. CMC Yachts is asked to sell the yacht and as well the electrical power system. The system is developed as joint venture between the local Chinese government, our yacht builder, the Xiamen university and a producer of solar panels. The current used panels are of the latest technology producing a 200 watt/p per square meter. 1 of the yachts is build as private daytime cruiser and some others are used as daytrip cruisers for sight seeing hosting comfortably 40 people. The design is for cruising on Xiamen lake with very low bridges but not be mislead, we can easy increase height or come with a completely new design. The system can be used in any other yacht, made bigger or smaller. Imagine how many pristine lakes are out on the world where combustion engines are banned? With this technology it opens literally new worlds. Our specialists can design a system for any yacht or we design a new yacht including it? Or what about this design self? Many name it. Welcome in GREEN 2013!! Cheers.



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