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Hotel-Residential Parks

Among the many uses of the Island is also the opportunity to build a hotels or residential parks.

ORSOS Islands was planned to offer an exclusive, sustainable holiday experience. Each ORSOS Islands is completely energy-autonomous and powered by green energy. This well thought energy management system, allows ORSOS Islands to anchor at the most beautiful coastlines in the world, without leaving an environmental footprint.

ORSOS Islands combines the positive properties of mainland real estate with those of luxury yachts, but with much less maintenance and up-keep costs, as ORSOS Islands does not have a motor. But ORSOS Islands is still mobile. By tugboats and cargo ships you can switch effortlessly from bay to bay, countries and even continents.

Several ORSOS Islands can be joined together quickly and easily to larger Island groups.
Each residential park stands for seclusion, security and exclusivity!

The grouping of the Islands to private residential parks or exclusive hotel groups is a coherent economic development of the Island concept. The park can be used as an all year-round base station and offer Island owners the advantage of centralized services and security in times of low usage.

During the high tourist season, the Island, due to the energy-autonomous concept, can be notched and easily placed in a remote bay. Residential parks completely isolated, on club basis or as a family destinationcan also be realized!

Hotel chains with a second bridge system can avoid rainy seasons and seasonal movements and offer their guests, an all year-round season. Moreover, a completely new hotel experience and concept can be implemented. Targeted relocation to guaranties variety and offers guests never ending new experiences!

A flexible base station with several advantages and useable possibilities!

The grouping and design opportunities are (almost) unlimited!

Each park project is planned individually and adapted to the needs and desires of the owner. Through the generous bridge system additional habitat is created, which offers users a spacious feel-good atmosphere. A virtual pattern Park (see picture gallery) shows some of the visual and creative possibilities.

The bridge system itself can be built as a floating or fixed platform. There is also planning diversity in the energy supply. Depending on the location and cost, the total energy demand through green energy (the same as on the Islands), is designed autonomously or opting for a supply on the mainland infrastructure.

Of course, mixed forms are possible. Approximately the supply of electricity from the mainland, for example, while the water treatment on site takes place!
The Islands are connected by a floating or fixed bridge system between themselves and with the mainland and offer a generous area for recreational activities.

The bridge system provides space for numerous adventurous activities for instance: Recreational areas, beach resorts with exclusive lying areas, bars and cafes, harbor, heliport and more.

In the indoor center, the "heart" of the bridge landscape, a restaurant, shopping center, a fitness and wellness center, swimming pool, meeting and conference rooms, can be achieved. From the connection point to the mainland it is recommended to install a lobby with reception and concierge area. As a small enclosed unit it enhances the safety aspect and also serves as a comfortable waiting room and lounge for arriving / departing guests.

Any further questions?

As you can see, the ideas and possibilities for the development and use of hotel and residential parks are varied and exciting. Please do not hesitate to contact us at office@orsosisland.com. If you have any questions we will gladly inform you!

For more impressions see the http://www.orsosisland.com/page/opportunities/hotel-residential-parks



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