CMC Yachts start joint venture with ORSOS Island GmbH for Pacific area

Posted on Thursday, 20 December 2012 in News

Begin 2012 we met with Mr. Gabor Orsos who showed his great design of his men build leisure island. 

Our mind was blown away by the features but above all the idea behind it. The island is not just a pleasure island as an other idea of a superyacht. ORSOS Islands is a brand in all its facet.

The big idea behind it is that the island do not polute the pristine sea world. It is fully self supporting making her own water and energy. Water from shower and wast is cleaned before leaving the island in a close to drinking water quality.

We're proud to be joining this vision and will build it in our yards in superyacht standard quality. Please check for all details. Soon we the engineering is ready and certification will be aproved. Then we start to build the first one for which we will of course show pictures on our website and Facebook pages.



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#1 Nestor on Thursday, December 20, 2012 said:
wow, it looks great!

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